Ear Care Tips for Children

  • Never breastfeed infants in lying down position. The milk may enter into the ear via Eustachian canal ( a connecting passage between throat and middle ear ) and can cause infection of middle ear.

  • Never pour oil, warm water, honey, cow’s urine into the ear of the child. All these may lead to damage of ear and deafness.

  • Instruct children, never to introduce Pen, Pencil, Hairpin, Match stick, seeds or objects like that to scratch the ear. Tell them to report immediately if they experience itching, pain etc. in the ear.

  • If an otherwise intelligent child is not performing well in the school, then there is possibility that she is unable to hear the teacher clearly or view the letters on blackboard clearly.

  • Never slap a child on ear. This can lead to damage of ear drum, deafness and other complications.

  • If a child having cough and cold is picking his ears periodically, becoming irritable, not listening to instructions, talking louder than usual, then there may be infection in the ear also. Consult your ENT specialist in this condition.

  • If the child does not properly attend to instructions at home / school, then she might be having dificulty in hearing.

  • Early detection and Use of hearing aid at an early stage of deafness in children prevents other complications of deafness, most notably Mental Retardation!


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