Prevent Birth of Deaf Child

  • If one of the children in family was born deaf or if any of the parents have hereditary hearing loss then consult your doctor before planning for a kid.
  • Drugs which are damaging to child’s ear (like aspirin, chloroquin, quinine, streptomycin) should be avoided in pregnancy.

  • If there is some viral infection to mother during pregnancy, which may cause deafness in the child, then it is usually better to terminate the pregnancy than to give birth to a deaf child. For this reason health of pregnant mother should be carefully monitored during pregnancy and in case of any health problem, specialist lady doctor should be consulted.

  • If some chromosomal abnormality is detected in the fetus (unborn child) then consultation for termination of pregnancy should be seeked.

  • If age of mother is more than 30 years and age of father is more than 35 years then they should consult doctor before planning for a kid.

  • Marriage between close blood relatives should be avoided.


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