If you are pregnant...

You must immediately consult your Obstetrician, apart from your routine checkups in pregnancy, if you have any of the symptoms mentioned below.

In First 3 months of pregnancy (First Trimester):

  • There is even small amount of Bleeding or Spotting
  • There is severe intermittent pain in lower abdomen
  • Your Morning sickness disappears completely and suddenly

In Second 3 months of pregnancy (Second Trimester):

  • Bleeding from vagina
  • Excessive Discharge from vagina with or without itching or burning
  • You do not feel baby’s movement

In Last 3 months of pregnancy (Third trimester)

  • Any amount of bleeding from vagina with or without pain
  • Excessive swelling of feet or face
  • Severe Headache
  • Fetal Movements less than 10 per day, especially in last month.
  • Pain in lower abdomen starting at back and womb becoming tight with pain
  • Excessive discharge, (especially watery discharge) wetting your cloths.

Every woman can produce adequate milk to feed the baby for first 3 months if

  • She feeds the baby regularly & persistently
  • She avoids top feeds (bottle-feeding) once breast-feeding is established.
  • She breast-feeds her baby regularly unless told by her doctor to stop it.


Dr. Vaijayanti Bhoraskar