Ear Care Tips

  • Do not habitually scratch your ears. This is the most common cause of infection.

  • Never introduce Pen, Pencil, Hairpin, Twisted paper, Match stick or objects like that, in the ear for removal of wax or for scratching the ear. This may lead to damage to ear drum, infection and deafness.

  • Ear Wax, Insects or other foreign body impacted in ears should be removed by an ENT expert. Ear drops only soften ear wax, it has to be removed manually. Do not push wax inside, with ear bud or anything.

  • After bathing, if ears are wet, then use soft cotton bud to dry them. DO NOT use twisted towel ends. They can cause abrasions into the ear leading to ear infection.

  • Do not pour oil , cow’s urine, neem juice or hydrogen peroxide in ears for any reason.

  • Persons having ear drum rupture should never let water enter into the ear. This may lead to severe ear infection and brain infection.

  • Persons having ear discharge or wax in ear should not swim.

  • Persons having undergone any kind of ear surgery for restoration of deafness, should consult the doctor before air travel.

  • Use of Ear phones / Headphones at high volumes leads to ‘Nerve Deafness’. There is no cure for this type of deafness. To be on the safer side, the volume of sound in ear phones should be such that you can hear someone talking with you at the same time.

  • In air travel, you should make swallowing movements ( chewing gum ), to avoid damage to ear.

  • Never delay advised operations for Long term ear discharge, Deviated Nasal septum, Chronic Sinusitis, Tonsils, Adenoids and Nasal Polyps.


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