Dr. Vaijayanti Bhoraskar

Dr. Vaijayanti Bhoraskar is an Obstetrician and Gynaecologist. She obtained her medical education from B.J. Medical College, Pune (BJMC). She completed her residency at Ruby Hall Clinic, Pune . She has also worked in Nowrosjee Wadia Hospital, Bombay and South Cleveland Hospital, England. In her spare time, she is learning Indian classical music.

Morning: 11:00 am — 01:00 pm
Evening: 05:00 pm — 07:00 pm (only by appointment)

Dr. Nitin Bhoraskar

Dr. Nitin Bhoraskar is an ENT surgeon. After finishing his medical education from the M.G.M Medical College, Indore, he received training in Bombay, and obtained special ENT training in North Riding Infirmary, England. He has also had the opportunity to work with Prof. Dr. Med. Jan Helms, in the HNO Kilinik at Wurzburg (Germany); and Prof. M. Portman in Bordeaux (France); to obtain higher skills in Middle Ear surgery. He worked with Prof. H. Stamburger in Graz (Austria) to master nasal & sinus endoscopy techniques. He is an avid trekker, and has been on many trekking expeditions in the Himalayas.

Morning: 12:00 pm — 02:00 pm
Evening: 06:00 pm — 08:00 pm