What should I do during the Pandemic?

Am I suffering from Corona?

I am Covid positive! What now?

During home isolation

Monitoring is very important because in some people, especially young people, oxygen level could be dropping even if the patient feels comfortable

Contact a doctor if:

If someone is Covid positive in the house

Avoid extreme Covid behavior

Avoid the following:

Don’t take the disease lightly, but don’t panic either. More than 90% of patients recover well with timely treatment

If I get Covid infection during pregnancy

A word of advice

If unfortunately something goes wrong in the family, do not blame the doctor, system, government, your country, or yourself. Do not try to convince yourself that this mishap was preventable, and it occurred because someone did something wrong.

Most of medicines reduce severity of disease reduce hospital stay but not mortality by a significant extent. Early diagnosis and early treatment is key to get well.

Tsunami of second wave! What I can do to minimize further damage?

Although anticipated to some extent, all of us collectively failed to anticipate the severity of the second wave. We behaved well during first year and gradual unlock was done after Diwali. Beyond a small spike in November surprisingly the number of affected cases kept on falling till February this year. So we thought we won and removed our guard.

A virus is very weak and vulnerable without a host. But it propogates very fast inside a host, and it can mutate and exhibit new characteristics. In a gathering it finds a new host and spreads.

We are fortunate that vaccination of healthcare workers and other frontline workers was complete before the second wave struck. At least we have people working in hospitals. This in turn proves that the vaccine works. So keep in mind that the vaccine is an important weapon in our hand to fight corona.

Why do people try to avoid vaccination?

Some other aspect of vaccine

Q :- If I am positive when should I get vaccine?
A:- After 8 to 12 week of positive report

Q:- Should I get vaccine during periods?
A:- Yes

Q:- Can I get vaccine if I am pregnant or breast feeding baby?
A:- International society of Obstetricians recommend that it can be done during pregnancy and lactation. In India vaccination is not recommended for pregnant woman, there is no clear guideline regarding lactation. We all are learning, I would recommend avoid vaccine for 6 to 8 weeks after delivery, till you are fully active

Dr. Vaijayanti Bhoraskar